This Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine is best suited for those who loves quilting. It offers about 1500 stitch sewing speed, extension table and automatic needle positioner feature. One of the best rated quilting machines at an affordable price range.


It offers nothing but a lot of benefits and features. These are some:


  • It has a 1500-stitch maximum sewing speed with automatic thread trimmers and knee lever.
  • It includes an automatic needle positioner and retractable drop feed dog.
  • You can enjoy the space it’ll provide, 7” x 8.6” sewing space and 12” x 18” extension table.
  • It has a thread tension dial and a straight stitch machine and LED work light for clearer working area.

It’s hard to find a machine like Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine especially when it comes to both sewing and quilting even there’s a limitation in stitch selection.

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What makes it a must-have machine?

High-Speed Sewing

You’ll come out very productive when you have this machine as it works very fast. It has a maximum speed of 1500 stitches per minute. You can take advantage of this speed to finish your projects quickly and cater even more projects. But if you’re very meticulous of your designs you can still carry it out through. Unlike a regular sewing machine, you can control your sewing speed with its foot pedal. You can move faster or slower as you can.

Auto Threader, Needle Positioner And Thread Trimmers

All of its features were designed to give convenience such as its automatic needle threader, thread trimmers and needle positioner. It can also help save time and you can concentrate more on quilting not on setting up the machine instead.


Built-In Knee Lever & Extension Table

This feature is what quilter lovers is always looking on a machine. You may have a hands-free lifting experience through its built-in knee feature and you can lower your pressor foot so you can focus on removing your material. You can enjoy more on quilting with the help of the extension table that measures, 12” x 18”. It adds up more working space without compromising the quality of your material.

Feed Dog Height Adjustment

You can enjoy quilting even more because of this feed dog height adjustment period. It can accommodate up to four heights of any project. You can also exchange the feed dogs for pin through a pin feed mechanism included in this machine. This allows you to move your quilt layers or other fabrics without leaving feed dog marks behind.

Thread Tension Control

Thanks to this function so you can quickly and easily adjust this machine’s tension level with just a touch of dial. However, there are complaints about the tension, maybe because the user did not correctly thread the bobbin or machine. In case if it is not threaded properly, its adjustment dial will fix the tension problem.

Numerous Accessories

Like other quilting machines, it comes with multiple accessories as well including accessory feet, such as:

  • Adjustable zipper
  • General purpose
  • Rolled hem
  • Spring action quilting
  • Walking
  • Invisible zipper
  • Needle packet
  • Knee lifter
  • Ballpoint needle
  • Fabric separator
  • Spool cap
  • 5 metal bobbins
  • Feed pin changer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Seam guide
  • Spool cushion
  • 2 screwdrivers

These accessories will help your quilting life easier and when you have all of these you can start doing your project right away.

What are the good things we can get from Brother PQ1500SL Quilting Machine?

If your passion is quilting then this machine will help you achieve an enjoyable and interesting quilting experience whether you’re a beginner or advance.

Easy To Thread And Position The Needle

You can save more time and can accomplish your projects quickly and easily because threading and needle’s position are automatically operated with just a push of a button. You’ll find its bobbin casing on the side of the machine and this location and height makes an easy access to your bobbin so you will not be interrupted while sewing.

Easy Maintenance

This machine is very easy to maintain. It has small oil holes outside which are easy to do without having to take apart the whole machine. It comes with a cleaning brush that keeps the area clean and maintain the machine in shape.

Plenty Of Space To Work

You will enjoy more of quilting since this machine has a very sturdy extension table, 12’’x18’’. You don’t have to constantly reposition your material because of its large throat at around 9’’. So you won’t be interrupted while sewing.

Quiet And Quick

It’s capable of sewing up to 1,500 stitches per minute without any noise disturbing the entire studio or house because its motor works quietly.

Here are the highlights of this machine:

  • It has a quiet motor allowing you to work without disturbing others in your studio. This is recommended for those who wants to work with a quiet machine.
  • It has a high-speed sewing at 1,500 stitches per minute allowing you to be more productive while saving time.
  • You’ll have plenty of working space between the large throat and extension table.
  • It comes with numerous accessories and feet with automatic threading, positioning and trimming that helps you save time.
  • It has a knee lever that allows you for a hands-free control of the pressor foot.
  • It has a sensitive foot pedal that allows you for easy control of the sewing speed.

On the other hand, this machine’s thread cutter trims the thread a little too short until it unthreads the needle. It may come to a point that it will unthread the needle. However, you can still continue sewing since the machine will automatically pull up the bobbin.

If you’re serious with sewing and quilting you can upgrade these skills with the help of this machine. It offers convenient features, fast sewing speed and helps you be more productive without compromising the quality of your project. If you’ll encounter technical problems with this machine, Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine, you can check their support to fix the issue.

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