The Limited Edition Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine

From the maker that people know and trust, Brother. This is already a big consideration to choose this machine whether you’re a beginner or an expert. And this is a limited edition model, so you might want to experience its excellence.


Here are Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine Features And Specs:

  • It has a 100 built-in stitches with 7mm zigzag / decorative stitches and 5mm stitch length.
  • It has the oversized wide table (perfect for quilting) and basic monogramming with built in font.
  • You can quickly set the bobbin and enjoy a 140 stitch functions.
  • It has a free arm design and a jam resistant bobbin.
  • You can automatically cut the thread.
  • It has a needle position button and a bobbin winding system.
  • You can choose 8 buttonhole styles and be amazed on its assorted accessories.
  • It comes with a 25-year warranty.

Brother XR9500PRW Sewing MachineNow, let’s get started. But how?

The makers of this machine make sure that you’ll experience a never before sewing chore with all the features, quality and functionality. There’s no need for you to spend much amount just to meet all your needs for your project. You can even be more productive and save more time in threading needles or winding bobbins.

Are you ready to be amazed of how this machine works? If you’re ready you’ll be able to encounter any of these:

  • You will use an advanced needle threading system. You will thread your sewing machine like an expert does, quick and easy.
  • You can wind the bobbin with the bobbin winding system and make use of jam resistant drop-in bobbin.
  • You can automatically adjust the foot pressure.

With this machine, lighting will never be problem as it comes with LED light. You can clearly see you working area while sewing or quilting. You’ll also enjoy a wide or oversized table for quilting and larger projects and a free arm for sewing other stuff.

If quilting is your thing, you can utilize the table being attached on the machine. But this can only handle small quilting projects not the massive ones. You’re quilting experience would be more interesting and exciting. So, space would never be an issue when quilting.


If you’re a beginner in this machine, you can easily familiarize everything about it since it comes with a DVD. A must watch where the content are the basic and even some advanced instruction and direction. With all these, you can get started your sewing project from basics to average ones.


Do you know that you can adjust your stitches too? Here’s how.

There comes a time that you will change and adjust your stitch setting. This machine will amaze you with all its features that are very useful in doing your project. You can choose among 140 stitch functions and from 100 built-in stitches.

And if sewing buttonholes is not of your expertise, then this machine won’t force you to make it by hand. You can make buttonholes with the 1-step function that allows for auto-size buttonholes in eight different styles. In just a mere seconds you can make buttonholes accurately.

Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine makes easier with its accurate stitch selection. Here, you can see on the LED selection for your stitches and underneath the screen and its buttons is a diagram with all 100 stitches. You won’t have to do anything just to choose your stitches. It has a built-in fonts for monogramming super-wide stitches in the zigzag or decorative style.

Thread tension is controlled manually while pressure foot is controlled automatically. It has the stitch length of 5mm and a stitch width of 7mm and you can also enjoy its built-in quilting stitches.

Its stitching speed can be adjusted up to 850 stitches per minute and there are three speed options to quickly adjust a slider to change. This would be a perfect balance between speed and control.

Accessories Galore

Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine comes with great accessories to help you get your sewing project started right away. Your sewing journey will never be as interesting and exciting if you have these accessories listed below:

  • Needle set
  • 3 bobbins
  • Seam ripper
  • Spool pin
  • Screwdriver
  • Ball point needle
  • Twin needle
  • Extra spool pin
  • Foot control

There’s also a hard cover to be placed at the back of the machine whenever you are done with your project.  You can have all you need to get started and maintain your machine in good condition. And with all those accessories above, you may keep them on the machine’s built-in compartments.

These are the highlights of this machine that stands out among other machines in the market today:

It has a drop-in bobbin system and an excellent automatic needle threader making your sewing task easier and quicker.

  • The machine will help you choose what presser foot you must use.
  • You will also enjoy the attached table where you can do your other tasks.

However, a minor criticism about this machine is its small font. You will notice that its font is quite small but still can be customized. As most users prefer to have either font-size options or even larger font.

But with this machine, you have more than enough stitches options and cater all your sewing projects. This model is a limited edition with excellent quality and functionality. It’s very easy to set-up from its auto needle up and down and vice versa stops. This will greatly help you to save more time and be productive. Thus, this is the ideal machine for you while enjoying a brightly-lit workspace, storage and easy function features. Be one to have this limited Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine.