EverSewn Charlotte Computerized Sewing Machine stands out because of its quality, features and functions. An all-around solid sewing machine suited for beginners or experts. It is all about high-performance at an average price while enjoying high-end features.


Here are EverSewn Charlotte Features:

  • It has an LED stitch selection where you can clearly see all the stitches.
  • It comes with 70 stitches and an automatic needle threader.
  • With just a fingertip you can control its speed.
  • It has a start and stop button.
  • It has a maximum stitch width of 7mm.
  • It has a feed dog drop and 1-step buttonhole feature.
  • It also comes with a stitch library.

Since it is a computerized sewing machine, most of the users want to set it up quickly. They assumed that it will work in advance. But with EverSewn Charlotte, there’s no need to worry for you can set up and get your sewing project quickly.

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Familiarizing EverSewn Charlotte Computerized Sewing Machine

Upon removing the unit from the box you will notice an instruction manual that will help you set up easily. You’ll notice an automatic needle threader that will make your life easier and helps you save more time when you’ll start your project.

You can also find a drop-in bobbin feature. All you have to do is to drop the bobbin in place and cover it with the clear cover plate. This clear plate allows you to keep an eye on the bobbin and replace the thread when needed. However, others found the threading system strange so they have to thread it by their hands. It’s all up to you if what works best for you.

You have the option either to move the needle up and down for efficient and faster needle threading. You’ll also appreciate the thread cutter locate on the side of the machine. There’s no need for you to grab scissors when you’re done with your project.

It is highly advised that you must read its user’s manual. It’s in a large print, descriptive tables and sketches form that will help you familiarize more of this sewing machine.

It has stitch options available where you can fully enjoy a computerized sewing stitch selection displayed on the screen. On the screen, you can pick between stitch type and stitch length. You can adjust the stitch width to 7 mm. You’ll not be confused in what stitch you’re currently using since it will reflect on the visual stitch indicator right in front of you.

And what makes this EverSewn Charlotte special is its pull-out stitch library feature. It is a reference for faster stitch selection. You can visually see all the stitches that is about 70 all in all and you’ll just have to pick any stich for your project. It includes standard and decorative stitches. For sure you’ll really have a good time in sewing.


Another interesting feature of this machine its ability to be transformed from sewing to quilting or embroidery. But how? Just by simply lowering its feed dog to unlock free motion quilting.


High-Performance, Computerized Settings

You can adjust its speed for faster and efficient use by just pushing a slider. You will use your hands to guide the material ad there’s a start and stop button and you’ll be able to turn the unit quickly and easily.


With this machine, you will never be using a pedal. There’s an up-and-down button that controls the position of the needle and you can make buttonholes quickly. It comes with seven presser feet and a sewing space of 6.5 inches width.

When it comes to machine, quality comes first. Its entire unit passed the ISO 9001 certification requirement. It’s very durable given all its frame is metal but it doesn’t mean it’s very heavy, it just weighs 13 pounds. It’s very durable yet not that heavy.

This machine works very quietly. It has a strong, durable and quiet motor allowing you to sew and do other tasks without interruptions. Your working space is brightly lit so visibility while sewing is achieved with this machine.

What’s good in this sewing machine?

  • It has stitches galore, with a stitch library and LED selection for easier identification of stitches.
  • Its speed can be quickly and easily controlled.
  • It is made of strong metal frame.
  • It is highly recommended by professionals and influencers.

On the other hand, some users find this machine’s tension setting difficult and the button thread is loopy. As we all know, it takes some time to find the right thread tension so you may experiment its settings to find the perfect tension for your material. It is expected with most one-step buttonhole options that button thread will be a little loopy. But, don’t worry, it won’t cause any problem, buttons still fits easily.

This machine has a quality that will surely last. The entire machine is made from metal frame like grandma’s machine decades ago. The included presser feet overwhelmed some users at first but it is very user friendly machine, very easy to use sewing machine. It has an excellent digital options and manual’s instruction that are easy to understand. It would be a big help if you’re having trouble in using or setting up the machine.


So what are you waiting for? Start using EverSewn Charlotte Computerized Sewing Machine, the computerized sewing machine that double as a quilting machine and produce professional look output.

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