The Grace Q’nique Long Arm Quilting Machine Review

Grace Q’nique Long Arm Quilting Machine – If quilting is your thing for sure you will enjoy more of this machine. It’s designed out of simplicity. It doesn’t have a monitor, accessories or a stitch regulator. You may operate it with just a flip of a switch and you can start your quilting project. You will be amazed of how this machine works in just a minute you can produce quality stitches.

It has a single crucial feature that everyone is looking for on a machine, it has the needle up/down and wide variety of feet for easy and quick usage.

The manufacturer of this machine offers a great customer service and innovations, so this is a quality trusted machine and is worth of your penny once you purchased one for yourself.

Here’s a bit of Grace Features:

  • This machine doesn’t have any monitor or controls aside from the on/off switch located at the right side of it.
  • It comes with 15 inches in the in the harp space between the motor of the machine and the needle.
  • It is very easy to set-up, as easy as a home machine with the motor to the right and the needle to the left. You can also set it up with the needle facing forward. It has a very simple flatbed table making your quilting more convenient.
  • It has an adjustable speed. Since it doesn’t have a stitch regulator so you have to control its speed with its foot pedal and move your hands like a home sewing machine. You have to be patient and put more effort to practice more with this machine to produce more of quality quilting output and sized stitches.
  • It has a crucial free motion quilting feature. On most machines, this comes on setting but with this machine, its foot pedal is already built-in. You just have to tap the bottom edge of the foot pedal with your heel to drop the needle down. You have to do the same way if you want to lift the needle back up. You may also take one stitch at a time.

For sure, many quilters would be interested to make a switch. There are some users or quilters who are very choosy or uncomfortable with their machines and ending up with a mess output. Who doesn’t want to produce a very good quality output, right?

This machine isn’t like the other machines in the market. Most quilters would surely love this machine. From its excellent customer service they also make sure to have an active coordination with the users to help them improve more of their products.




Moving the Grace Q’nique to the Long arm Continuum Frame

Grace Q’Unique Long Arm Quilting Machine is a long arm frame machine and has a total different style of quilting. For a certain user, she said that it took her for about two days to completely setup the entire machine. The legs set up was at maximum height and should be adjusted higher for comfortable quilting over a long period of time.


How is quilting on a long arm differs from a sit down machine?

The major difference sought between quilting on a long arm and sit down machine is its speed and movement. You can move the machine faster because it is mounted on wheels and there’s no need to constantly stop to shift the quilt around.

You don’t have to stop the quilt through the frame and also no need for you to stop and start as much as on a home machine. The Grace Q’nique Long Arm Quilting Machine, you’ll really appreciate its speed where you can start your quilting quickly. You will have a different experience when you’ll be using this machine, especially with this long arm frame. But, there will be times that it’s hard to control and you can’t stitch perfectly and precisely. But as what we all believe, with practice and patience, for sure you can level up your quilting skill.