Quick Quilt With Grace Quiltmotion Professional Computer Automated Quilting System

Enjoy the benefits of a professional automated quilting system in the comfort of your own home. Let the quilting magic begin with Grace Quiltmotion Professional Computer Automated Quilting System. It is indeed automated quilting at its best, allowing the quilter to explore creativity and quilt patterns perfectly. Since it is automated, it involves the use of software and a computer. The idea is this, you design it, QuiltMotion quilts it.

Let’s Explore Quiltmotion

So what’s in it for you? Quiltmotion is a quilting software, where you only need to make the design and the software will do the quilting. It brings together all the aspects of the quilting process, seamlessly taking you from the idea to design and to the finished quilt.


QuiltMotion comes with motor plate and hardware that is attached to the sewing machine and quilting frame. These are needed to control the sewing machine to make sure you come up with an accurate stitch. Indeed, QuiltMotion quilts patterns with precision. It has also an 8-button LCD display that gives convenient control right at your sewing machine.




The QuiltCAD Tools in the Quiltmotion Software

Quiltmotion is powered by QuiltCAD, an easy-to-use stitch-design software, allowing you to create, layout, print full quilt-top and pantograph stitch designs. The QuiltCAD tools are always in the same place, clearly labelled, easy to use. These tools allow you to readily set-up your quilting designs for stitch-out, from the simple place and stitch options to more complex patterns. Say goodbye to spending money and time on expensive pantograph books and patterns. QuiltCAD comes with design and print custom-sized pantographs, blocks and entire quilt layouts from your home computer. This new user-friendly software makes quilt design easier than ever. These tools include:

  • Quilt Layout – You can create quilt layouts that range in size from 2 inches by 2 inches to 14 feet by 14 feet.


  • Block Layout – This tool dynamically selects the number of block rows and columns.


  • Powerful Block Selection – This targets your pattern placement and shaping.


  • Auto-pattern Sizing – This allows patterns to automatically size themselves to the blocks’ dimensions.


  • Pattern Shaping – This enables you to stretch, rotate, scoot, and flip your patterns. You can fix breaks in your pattern, adjust start/stop points and optimize all aspects of your design.


  • Design Preview – This provides a full-screen view of quilt design before you begin quilting.


  • Print-to-Scale – This gives you options to print a single pattern, the whole row, or the entire quilt to scale. You can see how your quilt will look or even use it to trace directly onto your quilt for free-motion sewing. It’s as simple as setting your pantograph to print across multiple pages, which are numbered and calibrated for precise alignment.


  • Automatic Border Creation – This orients and connects patterns into continuous borders. You can use any pattern you have created to design a border for your quilt. As with other sections, there are different levels from simple border creation to the advanced creation of sections and custom layout fitting.


  • Record Free Motion – The software can record your motion to sew or save for a later time. You can then start, edit, stop, re-record. This feature allows you to play and design your original work.


  • Trace Photographs – You can import a photo of your choice from your system into PatternCAD and you can trace it to reproduce on your quilt. It is as simple as clicking as many points as you wish to outline your image and use the design just as any other pattern. You will be amazed at how beautiful portraits and stunning images are as easy as point, click, sew.


The QuiltCAD tools are designed with simplicity with efficient functionality. It has been designed from the ground up, putting you, the quilt designer, first and foremost. It enables you to go from pattern creation to finished quilt stitching in a matter of minutes. You can create beautiful continuous line patterns and quilt stitch designs without having to spend so much time on your project.


Explore Creativity with QuiltCAD

QuiltCAD allows you to make your layout real quick. It is as simple as choosing the pattern to create a full pantograph or quilt layout. It includes over 200 patterns, but it also allows you to customise your design and print personalized patterns. You can also develop patterns based on imported photos and images, making your designs come to life on your quilt. It is important to note that QuiltCAD has handy tutorials. You can also save your designs for a later time.



Different versions of QuiltMotion have been designed for different brands of sewing machines. The

Grace Quiltmotion Professional Computer Automated Quilting System is compatible with the following machines:


– Brother PQ1500s

– Baby Lock Quilter’s Choice Pro

– Bernina Aurora Series, Artista 6/7 Series

– Janome Artistic Quilter AQ18, AQ26, 1600P, 1600P-QC, 1600P-DB, 1600P-DBX, 6500, 6600

– Juki TL98Q, 98QE, TL2000Q, TL2010Qi

– Pfaff Grand Quilter, Grand Quilter 18-8

– Viking Mega Quilter, Mega Quilter 18-8


Note that if your model is not on this list then it will not work with the QuiltMotion. You can also contact your sewing machine dealer to see if they have a QuiltMotion for your machine.


Why go with Grace Quiltmotion Professional Computer Automated Quilting System?

The Grace Company has become the number one producer of both machine and hand quilting frames for 30 years. It has taken innovation and invention to entirely new levels with its commitment to integrating the worlds of quilting and technology. It has developed products that have not only revolutionized the industry but also gives those with a love of quilting the ability to create masterpieces almost beyond belief.


What truly makes The Grace Company different from other competitors was its embracing of computerized technology when it comes to quilting. It has led the way for quilters who wish to continue combining traditional quilting methods with today’s technology. The world of robotics can be intimidating but the benefits of using a computer as a creative partner can be incredibly exciting. It can save you time and allow you to focus on design choices and placement to elevate your quilting. Adding a computerized quilting system to your machine adds a new level of creative options. This also increases productivity and profitability among those who are in the business of making money.