Janome 7700 Sewing And Quilting Machine Review

Janome products offer quality units and features and Janome 7700 Sewing And Quilting Machine can sew jeans and even quilt in just minutes. This machine has a lot to offer and these are some its exceptional features:

  • It has an 11-inch work space where you can freely put everything.
  • It has up to 250 stitches to choose from and it comes with 20 memory banks.
  • It comes with an LCD screen where you can see all the operation details.
  • If you love quilting, it also come with a quilt piecing system, double accessory bins and AcuFeed system.
  • It works faster and saves more of your time as it can do up to 1,000 stitches per minute and can do exact seam sewing (no measuring required).
  • Its needle threader operates automatically.

Janome 7700 Sewing And Quilting Machine is a good investment for beginners, from its affordable price it can also produce a professional look output. You will surely love this machine with all of its features and of course its quality. It has the best engineering support with its durability and heavy weight. It has a metal frame support which other machines often have. This makes it even more stable and durable.


Janome 7700 Sewing And Quilting MachineHow to Setup Janome 7700?

If you are about to start your new project you’ll probably be amazed of the space it offers. An 11-inch space where you can do quilting and slipcovers. For a clearer working area without casting a shadow, its five bright LED lamps on this machine will help you see clearly even the last millimeter of your design.

You can simply push a button for an automatic threading of your needle and start sewing. Aside from the features mentioned above, here are some of its functions that stand out.

  • You can easily guide thicker fabric underneath the pressure with its extra high pressure foot lifter feature and even allows you to adjust the pressure so the your fabric won’t slips while sewing.
  • You can easily drop the needle and construct cornering guides and seam line with the presence of plate markings. It will be done through a cloth guide for perfect seams.
  • You can create single needle holes with its automatic plate converter.



This Janome 7700 computerized sewing machine offers over 250 stitches selection that includes:

  • 11 different groups
  • 11 buttonholes
  • 3 monogram fonts
  • Ribbon border stitches
  • Hundreds of additional stitches

With this machine you’ll be able to see and check all the stitches directly on the LCD screen. This is very useful especially for an average sewer because it requires an immense number and stronger stitches.

You can also express your creativity as you can customize your stiches that can design up to 50 characters in length.  You can even make your designs effortlessly through making a lock stitch program at the start and at the end of your designs. It also have over 20 memory banks to make your individual stitches intact and for a perfect seamstresses.

Setting Adjustments

If you love quilting for sure you’ll love this machine too. It comes with different setting adjustment for quilting. You can clearly see the stitches using its LCD screen. It can accurately calculate the pattern stitch length and adjust its sewing speed right on the screen. It has a sewing speed that can goes up to 1,000 stitches per minute and can also be lowered using its stop and start function.

When quilting for a thicker quilting fabric there’s no need for you to smash it underneath the pressure foot when you have this machine. You can program an auto thread tie on your stitches for simple and easy sewing and quilting plus a lock stitch key for perfect finish look. You’ll even more appreciate its needle up and down feature when you see from seam to seam.

It also comes with an automatic programmable thread cutter which will trim the tails of the thread to less than half an inch, and pull the thread to the back of the fabric. So, there’s no need for you to exert more effort.

What’s even more amazing with this machine is its storage feature. There are two-sized storage bins at the right top of the machine. You can put all your thread, extra needles and other items you have. You also work on its acrylic extension table, a semi-hardcover and several presser feet.

But what makes this machine even more useful?

  • It is considered as the most stable and durable sewing machine.
  • It has an exceptional stitch selection and adjustable settings.
  • It has a kneelift that most quilters love.
  • It has the best seam precision.

The only thing that this machine sounds not good is its price tag. Since this is for professional usage, expect that this machine cost higher than other machines. But, it’s worth of your penny because this works quietly and you don’t have to measure seams as it will come out straight and precise. This machine really a worth of an investment.