Let’s Quilt with Juki TL 2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine

Get the most out of your quilting experience, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating stitch by stich perfection with the Juki TL 2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine. This is the go-to machine for professional quilters who want precise patchwork, and for those who just love making their own quilts. Let’s have a look at its features.

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Prima Facie

At a glance, Juki TL 2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine looks like the early sewing machines. Remember that sewing machine your grandma used in quilting customized draperies and slipcovers back when you were a kid? It pretty much looks the same only with some advanced, easy to operate features. Though it is built with advanced features, it doesn’t have computerized parts that can easily break down. It is a mechanical, single needle, lockstitch machine, which means it doesn’t do decorative stitches. However, it does very well with straight stitching. We can say that it is the perfect workhorse for minimalist quilters who are after of quality and stitch perfection.


Juki TL 2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine is made of diecast aluminium, which means the body of the machine has a very good surface finish and dimensional consistency. While it is made of metal, it is portable and lightweight. It weighs 37.6 pounds, which is good for heavy fabrics or large quilts. Its weight means it is more stable and will stay in place even when working with heavy fabrics or large quilts. Lightweight machine is also easy to transport and can be carried wherever you desire.



Juki TL 2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine has built-in industrial easy to operate features. Some of the amazing features are the following:


– Knee lift for the presser foot,

– Adjustable presser foot control

– Reverse button

– Onboard automatic thread cutter,

– Predetermined stop position for the needle

– Variable speed control slider

– Sub tension system

– Foot controlled trimming system

– Automatic threading

– LED light

– Fine-tuned tension settings

– Speed control lever



The Juki TL 2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine comes with the following accessories:


– 3 presser feet (standard, quilt foot and even feed foot)

– Extension table, which provides an extended workspace

– 2 screwdrivers  (1 executive/1 small)

– Lint brush

– Oil dispenser

– Needles

– Spool cap

– Dust cover

– 4 bobbins

– Owner’s manual


Fabric Accommodation

The Juki TL2010Q isn’t just your ordinary quilting machine in terms of the type of fabric it can accommodate. It can go through multilayer fabrics and thick materials, which means your choice of fabric won’t hinder you from using this product. You’ll be able to go through:


– Natural fibers/cotton-linen-wool

– Synthetic fabrics

– Velvet and satin

– Knit and synthetic

– Upholstery

– Leather

– Fur

– Reptile skin

– Suede

– Canvas and twill

– Plastic and rubber

– Multilayer fabrics


One thing is for sure, this model is a complete workhorse. It can stitch through layers and layers of fabric without even budging.  


The Quick Setup and the Hows of Working with Juki TL 2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine

Winding the bobbin is made easy with Juki TL2010Q. It is as snapping the bobbin holder into place and pressing the presser foot. However, it’s important to note that it has a bobbin winding separate mechanism, which makes it impossible for the user to sew while winding the bobbin. While this may be an issue for you and maybe a drawback of sorts for some users, it isn’t a much of a concern. Besides, it allows you to reduce the risk of breaking your thread in the process.


What about threading? While there are no thread guides to follow, Juki made sure that threading comes in handy with users. Threading withJuki TL 2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine is a piece of cake, especially if you know how a sewing machine works.


The side loading bobbin housing is accessible through what resembles a trap door that raises from the outside. It faces the left side of the machine. What makes it amazing is that even when the extension table is in place, access to the bobbin housing is quite handy.


Convenience and Efficiency

Juki TL 2010Q  is a winner in terms convenience and efficiency. If you are a hustler, who race with time but cannot sacrifice precision and quality stitching, this is the machine for you.


It has a maximum sewing speed of 1,500 RPM and has a variable speed control slider that makes it easier for the user to maintain the speed of the unit. With Juki TL 2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine, it is possible to automatically trim both needle and bobbin threads by simply pressing the heel side of the foot controller. It also features LED light, which brightens the needle area for better material handling. The push lever automatic needle threader easily threads the needle without eyestrain and allows the user to start sewing quickly. The sub tension unit of the machine helps sewers create stitches with stable thread tension. What makes it more amazing is that the machine will come to an accurate stop with the needle down once the user stops sewing. The user can simply press the needle up/down button to move the needle up or down as desired. When the button is pressed continuously, the machine sews stitch by stitch at low speed. The knee lifter lever also allows the user to lift or lower the presser foot without using the hands. Note that the presser foot can be raised as high as 12mm, so that light to heavyweight materials are easily handled in and out of the sewing area with ease.


Moreover, the machine has an automatic thread trimming device that simultaneously trims the needle and bobbin threads at the sewing end by lightly pressing the push-button. It has the thread trimming mechanism similar to that of the industrial sewing machine, trimming thin through thick threads without fail. Note that auto thread trimming may also be activated by the foot controller. The even feed foot ensures the machine’s ability to produce beautiful seams when sewing heavy weight materials and fabrics that are difficult to feed. Thus, it is ideal for sewing multiple layers of fabric evenly. Stitch length is easily adjusted with a dial thanks to its thread tension scale feature.


Having trouble with replacing the bobbin? Well, the manufacturer ensures that the new bobbin case latch and an enlarged bobbin case help the sewer in that regard. The area makes it easier to remove and replace the bobbin. The auxiliary table is equipped with a sliding plate that allows convenient access to remove and load bobbins as well.



Juki TL 2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine looks pricey when you look at the figures, but it’s really not if you are thinking of an investment. It is worth every penny. When you compare it to other sewing machines, this is already very affordable, you just need to save up. It is also important to note that it is made by Juki, a Japan-based company that has a good reputation as a sewing machine manufacturer.

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